The Meaning of Sarphrodite

If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you’re familiar with my @name, sarphrodite. When I created my blog, I had no idea what I wanted my domain name to be. So, I decided to stick with what I knew.

There’s a fifty percent chance that people will pronounce sarphrodite correctly on the first try. If you’re having trouble, think of Aphrodite. I substituted “A” for “Sar” to incorporate my name.

sara  +  aphrodite 


Originally, the name was for Twitter and Instagram. My former @name was no longer appealing to me at the time. Thanks to Percy Jackson and European History, I was fascinated with Greek and Roman mythology. I chose Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty as the suffix for my new social media handle.

My reason for creating that name had no depth. It was straightforward. Sarphrodite hasn’t  gotten cheesy to me yet because I created its meaning.

No, sarphrodite doesn’t mean goddess of love and beauty. I’m not that audacious.

Sarphrodite is me reaching my highest potential. She’s the person I strive to become. She’s not someone I have to transform into since sarphrodite is already a part of me. In other words, sarphrodite is my butterfly. I don’t have my wings yet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t grow. Although the cocoon is dark and uncomfortable, it’ll be worth it when I wrestle my way out, and I’m able to do things I couldn’t have before.

(I love a good metamorphosis metaphor, ha).

It’s not about perfection. Sarphrodite isn’t perfect, but she accepts that. She owns that.

The domain name of my blog could have been “” or something more easily identifiable, but I think that once you learn to pronounce sarphrodite, it’s a lot easier. Besides, even if my domain name was “sarab,” you’d still have to read my blog to get to know me or semi-understand me.

It’s unfortunate though because people will mispronounce my name either way (Sah-Ruh, not Ser-Uh).

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify since you all can’t read my mind. I felt obligated to explain because if I was a stranger reading this blog, I would want to know what sarphrodite meant.


Thank you for reading,

-Sah-ruh B.



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