September Favorites

How is it October already? September zoomed by. September has never been anyone’s favorite month,  especially if you’re a student. Regardless, I wanted to share some things that I enjoyed last month.

1. Sarnes & Noble


First off, yes, that is my name incorporated into Barnes & Noble. Secondly, yes, that means I’m about to recommend some good reads.

 Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

I almost didn’t get this book, because I thought I was done browsing. Brown Girl Dreaming is an autobiography told through poetry. It’s an easy read since it’s poetry. Woodson’s way with words is breathtaking. Once you read one poem, you have to read more. The story is concise, but each poem can prosper individually.  I’ll be reading more of her work in the future.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

No, I’ve never read this book before. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now a Potterhead, even though I’ve only read the first two books so far. I wasn’t allowed to read the Harry Potter series when I was younger because of the witchcraft. Honestly, if I read the series when I was younger, I probably wouldn’t have appreciated the genius behind the entire HP world as much as I do now. J.K. Rowling is brilliant. Even though I’ve seen the movies already, the books are endlessly better (which is always the case).

2. Music


I haven’t been listening to music as much as I usually do, but there are a few tunes I’ve been enjoying.

Album of the Month:

Freudian by Daniel Caesar – If you don’t love Daniel Caesar’s music you’re probably lying to yourself. He has the voice of a rare angel, the one that flies a bit more gracefully than the others. Imagine an angel prancing on a cloud, singing while the surrounding clouds form hearts. That’s how Daniel Caesar’s music will make you feel. Oh, it’s an R&B album. 101/101 dalmatians would recommend (I just came up with that).

Some of my favorites from the album are:

Best Part, Take Me Away (ft. Syd), and Neu Roses (Get You is a given, everyone loves that song).

Songs of the Month:

I’m Stuck – Noah Cyrus

On My Mind – Jorja Smith

You – Morgan Saint

What Lovers Do – Maroon 5 ft. Sza

Sweet Creature – Harry Styles

Havana – Camila Cabello

Woosah – Justine Skye

Uno Dos – Teo ft. Jaden Smith

3. Exercise


Athletics have never been my strong point. I’ve been trying to be more active nowadays, but who am I kidding? Sometimes I’d rather do anything else than exercise, except when my workout for the day is going to be Zumba. If your gym has a Zumba class you should definitely go. If you don’t go to a gym, check YouTube. YouTube rarely disappoints. Zumba eliminates stress instantly, and it doesn’t feel like a workout.

4. My Netflix List


I haven’t gotten addicted to any new shows this month. I’ve mostly been rewatching shows, but I’ll still share some of my favorites.

Gilmore Girls – I can rewatch this show over and over again. It never gets old to me. If you’ve never seen the show, it’s about a mother and a daughter (32 and 16) living in a small town with lots of quirky characters. The daughter, Rory is aiming towards Harvard and the mother, Lorelai, is energetic and hilarious. It’s an easy going show with fast-paced dialogue.

Grey’s Anatomy – Do I even have to explain Grey’s? Doctors. Drama. Shonda Rhimes. Amazing.

Scandal – Since television season is upon us, I had to catch up on the latest season of Scandal. A few seasons ago, the show disappointed me. It just didn’t have the same appeal as it used to, but this season revitalized my appreciation for it. I’m confident that the last season is going to be phenomenal.

New to My List: 

Neo Yokio – Anime is out of my comfort zone, but since Jaden Smith is the voice of the main character and there are only a few episodes. Neo Yokio is basically a futuristic New York. Jaden Smith’s character, Kaz Kaan is a demon slayer. I’m 100% sure he was typecasted because the character seems similar to him. It’s slightly comedic and a bit overdramatic, which is why I enjoy it.

5. Clothing


I’m not even sure this should be categorized as clothing. However, recently, I got a onesie from Wal-Mart. An Eeyore onesie to be exact. Eeyore is the gloomy donkey from Winnie the Pooh. I chose this onesie because it’s soft and the color is appealing. It’s comfy, it’s soft, it’s roomy, and it’s warm. What else would you ask for in loungewear? Nothing. The best thing is that it was only $20.

 6. Hair Care


When I do braid-outs on my hair, I tend to use one product: leave in conditioner. However, this week I tried Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle in addition to my leave in. To my surprise, my hair is softer than usual, and I’ll definitely be using the souffle again this week.


That about sums up September for me! Feel free to recommend anything for me to enjoy in October or simply share something that had a spotlight in September.

Happy October,

-Sara B.



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