The Grass Is Never Greener

If you’re my age, or around my age, there’s a possibility that you’ve seen As Told By Ginger, an old Nickelodeon show. Ever since I found a year old poem in what I thought was an empty journal, I’ve been thinking about the theme song of the show. It’s sung by Macy Gray. The lyrics are:

“Someone once told me the grass is much greener

On the other side.

Well, I paid a visit,

But it’s possible I missed it.

Seemed different, yet exactly the same.

Til further notice,

I’m in between.

From where I’m standing,

My grass is green.”

You get the gist. I started rewatching the show yesterday, which inspired me to write this post.

It’s easy to look over at someone else, or another group of people, and wish that you could be more like them or do what they do. Somehow, their life always seems to be better than yours, but that’s not true. Maybe the light hits their grass differently when you’re on your side, but your position in the middle allows you to see that you don’t pale in comparison. Perhaps their grass is a different shade of green, and maybe that shade of green isn’t even preferable to you (when you’re up close and personal).

Hopefully, my poem can help you understand what I’m doing a subpar job at articulating.

“as told by lucy”

by Sara B.

everyday on the playground

some of the children

gather in a tightly bound


to host a secret game.

it’s exclusive

and lucy was never invited to play

until today.

eva runs over to lucy

and summons her to

the game.


lucy joins the circle

with bright eyes

curious ears

a hopeful grin

and unsteady hands.


the children stand

hand over hand

waiting for the first to strike.

the boy with the blue band-aids

swings his left hand

to smack the girl with the yellow backpack’s

left hand.

she winces

but follows his lead.

the trend continues

sending shockwaves through

tiny, vicious palms.


lucy braces herself

as the fire draw near.

she watches as eva’s hand

rises to strike hers,

but swiftly shifts backwards

before she could.

eva glances back at lucy

with a disappointed shrug

before her hand

issues calamity onto

the hand

lucy intended to strike.


lucy is the first one out.

her brows furrow

her curiosity


to confusion.


the circle is sacred

but yet

filled with fury

and discomfort.


lucy catches the glance

of the girl with the yellow bag.

the girl frowns

until someone in the circle

calls her name:


she turns to them

and smiles

pretending to enjoy

the game.


My grass is green,

-Sara B.


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