in the beginning

Here’s one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written this year.  I posted this on Instagram a while ago but decided to delete it because it wasn’t the right platform for my poem. So, if you’ve read it already, I hope you enjoy it more the second time. If you’re reading it for the first time, I hope you feel the need to read it twice.


in the beginning pt 1-2


A theory:

I always wondered why they called lightening/bleaching soap “cake soap.” My theory is that it has to do with whiteness being the default. Everyone knows that when you say “regular birthday cake” it’s probably a vanilla or pound cake decorated with frosting (most likely white). Whereas, chocolate cake is “devil’s food cake.” This is just one farfetched, but relevant, example of how we’re taught that white is number one.

So why not call it “birthday cake soap” and assure consumers that after using it they’ll be white, soft, and desired by everyone who has ever been born. That’d be interesting.

Happy contemplating

-Sara B.



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