so it begins

I decided to create a blog. I’ve been contemplating it for months now, and I’m still unsure about what I want to post. However, when I mention it to someone they usually advise me to just … start somewhere. So, here it is.

March 3rd, 2017

Life is strange, as always.

i’ve spent the majority of life on my knees

worshipping or pleading with powerful forces.

I want to write something, but my mind is drawing a blank and I don’t want to force it. Nothing is ever good when it’s forced. I’ve been sad a lot recently. It’s not enjoyable.

surrounded by exciting screams 

and gleeful whispers. 

I felt lonely today, beyond lonely. I’m not quite sure what to do about it (when am i ever sure about anything?) or if there’s anything to do at all. Sometimes I wish I couldn’t feel anything. I don’t want to turn people to stone, but I’d like to feel that same nothingness I assume Medusa feels. Medu(sara).


god, those eyes…

how could she look at people like that?

with such spite

+ bitterness.

those are evil eyes

i bet that she

cuts off the heads

of her dolls.

(no, but i do cut my brother out of pictures,

but only when i’m angry).

how do her parents tolerate


she’s out of control.


your eyes are

big + sad


yeah, i always want to

ask what’s wrong


 you always say


but your eyes give

you away.


i love your

big brown eyes

(my eyes aren’t


yes they are.

i love

looking into them

(thank you)

for what?

(for seeing me).


More to come soon.



2 thoughts on “so it begins

  1. My cousin Bria sent me here.
    Your writing is gorgeous.And I relate so much. I’m all too familiar with wanting to write but not knowing where to start…anymore. Hopefully we can both get back to that place. Keep writing, girl.


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